Private Medical Care

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Terms and Conditions

Name and Location of Business
The name of the organisation is Clinicheck, situated at 10 Harley street, London
W1G 9PF.

Employment Rules and Practices.
Clinciheck’s staff are holding all appropriate qualifications as required by the relevant regulatory councils. Clinicheck’s primary aim is o ensure high level of care throughout.

Partnerships & Collaborations
Clinicheck has collaborating agreements in place with distinguished providers of diagnostic imaging investigations as well as with Pathology service suppliers.
We have teamed up with 160 pharmacies (independent & groups) where patients have access to our health screening and blood testing services. We do not offer GP and specialist consultant services on site in Pharmacies.

Payment Terms
Fees for GPs, specialist consultants and procedures are published in Clinicheck’s brochures and web site.
Fees for pathology investigations and other services are published in the relevant sections of
All fees are payable at the time of the consultation or procedure. We accept payment in cash or cheque accompanied by a cheque guaranteed card. Credit or debit cards are accepted only to pay for approved private prescriptions.
Receipts or invoices are issued and can be used to claim reimbursement from insurance companies although Clinicheck does not invoice insurance companies directly. It is patient’s responsibility to settle bills with Clinicheck and then go through insurance’s procedures for reimbursement.

Bills to corporate customers must be settled within 3 working days from the consultation/procedure, for sums not exceeding £ 5000.
When bills exceed £ 5,000, 30 days credit can be granted to settle the invoice, provided Clinicheck has agreed in advance a credit limit with the corporate customer.
Clinicheck reserves the right to charge interest on overdue invoices at 5% over the interest rate of Lloyds TSB. Invoices overdue for more than 60 days will be subjected to legal action and recovery proceedings.

Communication with Clinicheck
Telephone or e-mail advice is offered in relation to blood testing helping patients to investigate an existing medical condition or to discuss a request for a private prescription. Advice is at the discretion of the physician and is offered free of charge.

As a general rule, telephone or email advice to new patients in relation to symptoms or treatment options cannot be offered. Medical advice is provided free of charge only to patients that have taken a blood test or profile in one of Clinicheck’s networking pharmacies. When advice is taking longer than 10 minutes, a charge, which must be paid in advance, may be applicable at £ 30/15 minutes.
Clinicheck can email result reports to private email addresses, if patients instruct us to do so. Email addresses must be personal/private and not business or corporate. Clinicheck is not liable if personal or medical data transmitted via an email is received by an unauthorised third party, as both parties (Clinicheck & patient) agree that internet is an environment that cannot guarantee confidentiality.

Clinicheck applies a strict confidentiality policy in relation to patient’s personal or medical data. Unless a written authorisation is provided by the patient, Clinicheck will not release any personal or medical data to third parties, including patient’s relatives. Patient’s data is not used in promotional literature nor is passed to third parties exploiting any commercial activity. Clinicheck also strictly adheres to the guidelines of Data Protection Act 1988.

GMC Regulation
All physicians under Clinicheck hold full and unconditional registration with the General Medical Council and their names appear on either GMC’s GP or Specialists register.
All other staff to include nurses, midwifes, nutritional therapists and phlebotomists also hold registration and are regulated by their relevant councils.



The Paydens Group of Pharmacies join Clinicheck's network of medical diagnostic testing.



Clinicheck are pleased to announce the launch of their new web site. Any comments please email us.